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Editing for Reports & Documentation

Reports Proofreading for Businesses and Organizations


What I specialize in:

We all loved teaching too much to ever give it up entirely. So, this editing service is for reports and professional resources related to K-12 curriculum and teaching. All of us have a teaching background, which gives muse extra insight into common terminology and word usage.

How it works:

We adapt to the varied needs of nonfiction reports writing. We check for readability as well as grammar. Additionally, we perform light fact-checking and follow or create an in-house style guide to make sure the documents are cohesive and consistent. Finally, we proofread for grammar and add the finishing touches, as necessary, so that your writing is ready for publication. 

I charge $41 an hour. I edit between 1800 and 2500 words per hour, depending on what your report needs. Before beginning, I’ll ask for a to-do list from you and a sample of your work so that I can provide you with a price estimate. 

Plan one week for every 35,000 words, or approximately every 100 pages. In other words, if your document is 150 pages, you can expect it back in your inbox within 10 days. 

If your document is very short (less than 20 pages), I can have it back to you within two days.

Please reach out! If we have a cancellation in our schedule, we’ll let you know.

Academic papers use style guides from the MLA or APA. Journalism uses AP Style, and the Chicago Manual is very common in other forms of publishing. Style guides dictate how certain punctuation and spellings are treated. If you don’t know what style guide you use, I’ll depend on Chicago because it’s the most common. And, no matter what style guide you use, I’ll keep track of the way you write to make sure that your paper is consistent throughout.

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We've Edited:

  • Blog Posts
  • Educational Outreach Materials
  • Online Learning Materials
  • Middle-grade Curriculum for School Districts
  • Education-related NGO Reports
  • Educational Documentation

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