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Nonprofit Grant Editing

Editing for
Nonprofit Grant Proposals


When copyediting a grant, I look for ways to polish your prose and better cater to your audience in addition to checking for readability. Then, I proofread for grammar and add the finishing touches, as necessary, so that your writing is ready for publication. 

If you only need proofreading or line edits, please let me know! I can do that, too.

I charge $35 an hour. I edit between 1800 and 2500 words per hour, depending on what your grant proposal needs. Before beginning, I’ll ask for a to-do list from you and a sample of your work so that I can provide you with a price estimate. 

Plan one week for every 35,000 words, or approximately every 100 pages. In other words, if your document is 150 pages, you can expect it back in your inbox within 10 days. 

If your document is very short (less than 20 pages), I can have it back to you within two days.

I can do that! If you need your document edited more quickly than is typical (see “How long does editing take?”), please specify your deadline in your contact form. Rush editing costs $40 per hour. 

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